Watermark is rapidly taking shape, with progress being made across various stages of ID_Land’s burgeoning Armstrong Creek development where 485 lots have been sold to date.

Stage 9 is nearing practical completion, bringing future Watermark residents one step closer to living in their dream homes in idyllic Armstrong Creek,

Footpath works are continuing in Stage 10, providing a sense of how close and connected the community of Watermark will be.

Foundational water and gas works in Stage 11 and bulk earthworks in Stage 12 are now underway, with sewer and drainage set to commence shortly in the latter, providing the foundations for future works in both areas.

ID_Land’s $30,000 New Land Promotion is still running in Stage 12, so be sure to visit Watermark’s website or sales office on the corner of Barwon Heads Rd & Reserve Rd, Charlemont for your chance to win $30,000 off your lot!

To stay up-to-date with construction and sales updates, keep an eye on our website: