Meet Quentin Kirley, Watermark’s 200th Purchaser

For Watermark’s 200th purchaser Quentin Kirley- a garden designer by trade, the fruition of his family home at Watermark will see his two worlds collide, as their front yard becomes a sustainable display garden open to all Watermark residents.

It’s a move that will be a return to the Western Coastline for Quentin and his wife Oxana – both having lived in Geelong prior to their move to Melbourne for their respective businesses.

The family soon realised it was time for a sea-change, but weren’t too sure where they wanted to settle. Watermark impressed Quentin, as it was unlike any other estate he had seen.

“Watermark stood out because it was the only community that clearly proved there had been serious thought behind the practicality of each decision,” he said.

“We liked how there was a huge amount of car parking to accommodate families with multiple cars, wide footpaths that are perfect for exercise, and the set out of the wetlands, just to name a few things.

“Being within 7 minutes of Breamlea beach and 3 minutes from the train station is perfect too. It’s a win-win,” he said.

Purchasing a non-conventionally shaped block, it was a requirement of the land to have to work with a boutique builder for a tailored home. Quentin said this was another element the couple loved.

“For us, building a sustainable display garden is of pivotal importance, and so is having the home to match. We were always going to pick our own builder and design our own home, so it just seemed right,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to showing other Watermark residents through our home and to offer our services to our neighbours,” Quentin said.

Quentin, Oxana and their daughter Ellen are looking forward to spending their weekends tending to their display garden and getting better acquainted with the nearby Great Ocean Road.

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