Couple at Watermark Geelong

Couple set to treasure their lifestyle at Watermark

It will be the couple’s third home but for Eddie & Maggie Holt, their brand new purchase at Watermark will be the one they settle down in once and for all.

The couple say the decision to purchase a house and land package at ‘Watermark’ in Armstrong Creek over other developments in the region, was made easy after meeting Sales Manager Adam Farrell for the first time, following a recommendation from a friend.

Maggie says the most important aspect behind their decision was affordability, and with Watermark’s surprisingly reasonable land prices, in conjunction with the wetlands, open spaces and an abundance of amenities all in easy proximity, they simply saw no other alternative for their future home.

“Not only can we build a brand new home, that is both aesthetically pleasing and one we are proud to call our own, but we will be part of a community with other like-minded residents, in an environment that encourages a work-life balance.”

“We have worked so hard all our lives, it’s exciting to think in the near future we can truly invest in a long-term lifestyle change,” says Maggie.

The couple, along with the 15 year old grandson Aaron, are excited for construction to commence at Watermark later this year, with plans to move into their new home in late 2016.