Coffee Cartel: Geelong’s haven for coffee and tea aficionados

For the caffeine lovers and tea aficionados Coffee Cartel on Malop St is the perfect weekend pit stop. A Geelong hotspot, this micro-roaster is a delight for the senses.

Dubbed “Mr. Coffee” by The Age, Coffee Cartel owner Nathan Johnson is making quite a name for himself. The team source and roast their own beans from Ethiopia and the world over.

Importing more than 50 types of beans, the Coffee Cartel team are passionate about producing a quality cup of coffee. As well as coffee and a small selection of cakes, Coffee Cartel offer training, wholesale opportunities and a love for speciality tea.

There is even a Coffee Appreciation course that will leave you with a significant understanding of aromas and flavours associated with coffee cupping. As well as this, Coffee Cartel also offer barista training sessions for those looking to upskill.

Whether it’s a cold drip, herbal tea or a latte, this institution is a must.